This Christmas my parents got me the Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes palette! I love Too Faced eyeshadow palettes so much, they are without a doubt my favourite. Last year, around Christmas time I picked up the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and I have been in love with it ever since. I love the peachy shades to bring out my blue eyes.

When I heard that they were coming out with a matte version I was so excited! I know that this palette has been out for awhile, and there are definitely other reviews out there comparing the two. I just wanted to review it anyways because I am so excited about these shadows.


First of all, I just want to talk about the packaging. The packaging on this one is very different compared to their other eyeshadow palettes. It’s still the same hard case (which I love because it protects the shadows), but instead of a longer rectangular shape it is more of a square. The reason for this change in packaging is because this palette only has 12 shades compared to the 16 in Too Faced’s Sweet Peach palette.

Personally I prefer that this palette is a bit smaller as it is easier to store and travel with. It also has shades that I love, and doesn’t really contain any shades that I wouldn’t use like the Sweet Peach palette. That palette has a few shades that I never touch (Bless Her Heart, Talk Derby To Me) and it just seems like a waste.

Now let’s get into the shades! I love all of the shades in this palette. My only problem with this palette shade-wise is that the shades “peach cobbler” and “fresh picked” are VERY similar. To me they feel like duplicates, and I don’t understand why both shades are in the palette. Swatches of the shades below so you can see.

Peach Meringue, and Peach Butter don’t show up on my arm (pale life lol), but they are perfect as all over eye shades to set down eyeshadow primer.

The swatches came out a bit patchy, but they don’t go patchy on the eye. They are very pigmented and blend really nicely.

L to R: Peach Meringue, Peach Tea, Peach Cobbler, Peach Tart, Peach Butter, Just Peachy, Peach Punch, Just Ripe, Peaches and Cream, Fresh Picked, Peach Sangria, and Chocolate Dipped.

My absolute favourite shade, and the reason I wanted this palette so much is Peach Sangria. It is such a perfect burgundy red. I wore it on Christmas day as an all over the lid colour. I like to use it in the crease as well to deepen the peachy shades in this palette.

I love that this palette has bright colours like Peach Punch and Just Peachy that will be perfect for the spring and summer months, as well as colours like Just Ripe and Peach Sangria that are perfect for the fall and winter. I can see myself using this palette all year.

Overall I love this palette! I think it will be an everyday palette for me. I think that I will end up combining the matte shades in this palette with the shimmer shades in the Sweet Peach palette like ‘Luscious’ and ‘Nectar’ to create peachy everyday looks.

Too Faced recently announced that they will be launching a “White Peach” palette in January and that one’s on my wishlist now too! The peach is never ending apparently. How do you guys feel about the “White Peach” palette? Is it on your wishlist or do you think they’re going overboard with the peach? Let me know!

Thanks for Reading 🙂




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