Hey guys,

Anyone that has been reading my blog posts for awhile will know that my ALL TIME favourite mascara is the Maybelline Lash Sensational ‘Full Fan Effect’. I know when this product first came out there was a lot of buzz about it, and it quickly became a lot of people in the beauty community’s favourite. This mascara is designed to provide curl and volume to your lashes. It comes in different colour options (Blackest, very black, black brown etc.), as well as a waterproof option.

Recently, Maybelline brought out a new formula of this mascara called ‘Curvitude’. The biggest difference I noticed right away between these two products is the brush.

The ‘Full Fan Effect’ brush has bristles all the way around the brush, and the bristles are a little bit shorter.

The ‘Curvitude’ brush has longer bristles that are only on the top and bottom of the brush, there are no bristles on the side.

After trying these two mascaras I have to say that I much prefer the brush on the new ‘Curvitude’ mascara. I find that the longer bristles brush through my lashes easier, and create less clumps. The fact that there are no bristles along the side makes it easier to control where you are placing the product. I have noticed with this brush that my lashes are more separated and they still get the same curl that I love about the original formula.

However, the formula of the new mascara is not as good as the original. I’ve worn the ‘Curvitude’ formula for long periods of time now, and the longer I wear this mascara the more I see it coming off. The new formula comes off around the corner of my eyes very easily whenever I touch them or if I get watery eyes. This has never happened to me with the original formula. I can wear it all day with no flaking or smudging whatsoever.

I set up a poll on my Instagram story (motd2017) to find out what my followers thought about the two formulas. The results of the poll showed a 71% favouring of the ‘Full Fan Effect’. I would have to say, I disagree with my followers on this one.

Overall, my opinion is that I much prefer the brush on the new ‘Curvitude’ version and I can handle a little bit of smudging to get the perfect separation and curl of my lashes. I need to wear it more to really test it out but so far it has beat out my ALL TIME favourite, the original ‘Full Fan Effect’ formula. I don’t believe they have a waterproof version of the ‘Curvitude’ mascara yet, but when that comes out I can guarantee it will be my new favourite mascara!

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