Hello Readers,

I have not posted anything in so long! I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I am back! I was getting tired of uploading posts that I wasn’t happy with. I’ve decided to redesign the way I run this blog and my Instagram account [MOTD2017]. I think the main reason that I was getting bored of the content I was producing was because I was trying to post too often. Posting the same pictures of the makeup I’m using everyday was getting to be stale. With this blog my original goal was to make a post every weekday. While that was a fun challenge for awhile, I ended up writing about content that I wasn’t excited about. That’s why I’ve decided to post less frequently, and only when something really inspires me. Whether that’s a product I’ve found that I love, or a new book that I can’t put down, or even something that I think would be helpful for other people to know. I’m hoping that I will learn to love blogging again, and that I will be able to produce content that is more interesting for you guys as well!

But anyways, let’s get into the review!

I’m going to be sharing my opinions on the NARS Velvet Lip Glides. From the Sephora website these lipsticks are described as “finish is semi-matte, long-lasting, and non-drying for luscious, vibrant lips.” What I took from that is that they are meant to be comfortable on the lips, and with high colour payoff.

To begin the colours I have are Bound, Playpen, and Unspeakable. Here are some swatches below.

L to R: Unspeakable, Bound, Playpen

I personally love these lipsticks. They are great for me because I find matte liquid lipsticks to be too drying to wear everyday. I’ve tried many different formulas of lipsticks, and ‘liquefied lipsticks’, but these are by far my favourite. The two main things that I love about these are that the colour payoff is incredible, and that these lipsticks leave a bit of a stain on your lips so even if you don’t have a chance to reapply they fade nicely.  I find that you only have to use one coat of this, and if you blot it it can last for hours and hours. They definitely do not stand up to eating but if there is nothing brushing on/touching them they are very long lasting.

The two main downsides to these lipsticks are that the darker colour I have (unspeakable) can be a bit patchy and that they are quite transferring; they get on everything. As you can see in the swatches, the unspeakable shade is just a hint too sheer  around the edges and you have to be careful that it has a smooth allover colour application. These colours also do transfer a LOT. You have to be careful when wearing them to not get them on clothes etc. I usually apply the lipstick and then  blot once with a Kleenex so that the transferring isn’t quite as bad.


T to B; Playpen, Bound, Unspeakable


L to R; Unspeakable, Bound, Playpen

I would definitely recommend these to someone like me who isn’t a huge fan of matte liquid lips. But definitely do not purchase these lipsticks thinking that you’re going to get a gloss, or a matte lip, they are somewhere in between the two.

The other thing I would say is that although there is quite a shade selection, because I have such pale skin these seem to be the only shades in the range that work for me. So it would depend on your skin tone, but for me personally the shade range isn’t that great.

Based on how much I like these though I am excited to try NARS’ new Power Matte Lip Pigment! I prefer a matte lipstick when I know it needs to last me all day through eating and drinking. I would love to try the ‘American Woman’ and ‘Low Rider’ Shades. If anyone has tried those let me know what you think in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for reading!


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