How To: Save

Well, how do I begin… Let’s start with the basics. Every year I love to treat my friends and family to things I think they would love as Christmas presents! As this group is always getting bigger, and is always very deserving this can be quite expensive. So I am broke. And it happens every January, I don’t know why I’m surprised. And I try to start saving in January, and that lasts about a month. Well, this year I’ve decided to stick with it. No more frivolous spending for me! So I’ve made a list of helpful money saving tips that I use to save some money.



I am the person that will always order in food, or pick up takeout rather than cooking. Well I’ve made it a mission to cook more. Personally, this means getting excited about following a recipe and creating something that’s even more delicious than takeout. I find Pinterest is really helpful with this, because there are so many recipes I’ve never thought about before. You can chose something to make with whatever ingredients you have in the fridge! So far I’ve made Parmesan Garlic Chicken with Roasted Vegetables, and Slow Cooker Pork Chops with Potatoes. Obviously it’s not realistic to make a big fancy meal every night (sometimes it’s going to be hamburger helper) but mixing up the homemade meals really helps when you’re trying not to go out to eat!



I am a big online shopper. I always do it at night under the cover of darkness when there is no one around to judge me for my ridiculous exhaustion induced cart filling. Lately this means ordering way too many books from Chapters, and way too much makeup from Sephora. Well recently I’ve forced myself to sleep on it before making the decision. The other day I woke up in the morning and realized the $24 liquid lipstick I was planning to buy was the one I swatched in the store and hated! Sleeping on the decision can mean that a lot of things you don’t need, you don’t end up wasting your money on.



I find that keeping a list of my spending really helps me to realize how much I’m spending. Personally I keep track of: what I bought, how much I spent, and the date I bought it. I find it really helps to keep track of the date. Seeing that you spent $70 on a pair of jeans is one thing, seeing that you did that the same weekend you spent $40 on an outing with friends, and $10 on Wendy’s is another. It really puts your spending into perspective when you see it on a paper rather than through a banking app, or just in your head.



I love to blog! I also love to read, to go for walks, to watch movies, and to paint. All of these things are free. So why am I constantly spending money on activities? I’m not saying cut out activities all together. Everyone deserves to go out to the movie theater, or to go bowling once in awhile. But I really over did it in 2016. Don’t get me wrong it was so much fun! But now I’m paying the price for it. So this year I’m focusing more on free hobbies! And so far I’ve got to say I’m loving it. It’s really nice to spend time doing things guilt free!

What do you guys waste the most money on? And how do you save?

Thanks for reading!


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