Lush Bath Bombs – Review

Over the past year I’ve tried a bunch of Lush bath bombs! Who doesn’t love a nice relaxing bath? I thought I would write my thoughts on the ones I’ve tried for anyone who is looking into trying them out!


BIG BLUE – This one was very middle of the road for me. I love the colour of blue that this one turned the water! It wasn’t as exciting as some of the ones I’ve tried. The ‘seaweed’ inside this one was really weird at first. It was like bathing with a bunch of tiny twigs which made me feel like I wasn’t getting clean. I loved the smell of it, exactly like the ocean (salty). It also made my skin really soft.

Rating: 3/5


LAVA LAMP – The smell of this one is incredible, like pure oranges, so citrusy and fresh! It was fun to watch as well as the purple blobs separate from the orange and it does sort of look like a lava lamp. I would not rebuy this one though as it turns your bath completely orange and I felt like I was bathing in juice. It also didn’t seem to have any skin benefits to me. Overall not my favourite.

Rating: 2/5


SEX BOMB – This one is my favourite by far. It smells really nice and is super relaxing. It has little ‘rose petals’ in the center that are really fun to see floating in the tub. This one turns the water pink which is my favourite colour which doesn’t hurt as well. And although this one didn’t do anything huge for my skins softness I did notice that the scent stuck to my skin more which was really nice.

Rating: 5/5


BLACKBERRY – The smell of this one is what made me buy it, a fresh, fruity, berry smell! It also feels amazing on the skin, and makes your skin so soft after use. It’s not tremendously exciting but it makes the water a pale purple colour that is really nice. The only downside to this one (and it’s a big downside in my opinion) is that it stains the tub!

Rating: 3/5


INTERGALACTIC – This one is one of the most exciting ones! It makes taking a bath very fun. It also is very relaxing, the scent is lovely. It does have glitter in it which is part of the excitement, as the water turns navy blue and then the glitter looks like stars in the night sky. I know some people aren’t a fan of glitter though so that’s something to consider.

Rating: 4/5


SAKURA – I am very disappointed in this one. It was super boring. The water turned a milky white colour, with no extras. It also made the room very steamy which was strange as my water wasn’t very hot to begin with. It does have an amazing smell though which is very relaxing. I would only recommend this one if you want a normal bath that smells nice. It doesn’t add any excitement.

Rating: 2/5


THE EXPERIMENTER – This one is by far the most exciting with five colours coming out of it as it dissolves and then turning to a beautiful blue colour. It also made my skin feel really nice and soft after. My only problem with the experimenter is that it smells VERY strongly. I liked the smell, but it was a lot. It made my bathroom smell like it all week and stayed on my skin until I showered. So if you absolutely love the smell it’s a good one, but otherwise I would stay away from this one.

Rating: 3/5


PINK FLAMINGO BUBBLE BAR – Lastly a bubble bar. The smell of this one is strange. Even after using it I couldn’t decide if it was good or bad. This also didn’t make very many bubbles, and the ones it did disappeared very quickly! I bought this because I’m obsessed with flamingos, but I really regret it if I’m honest. Not worth the money.

Rating: 1/5

Thanks for reading!


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