The Best Shampoo! – Review

I have had a lot of trouble finding a good shampoo. I have tried so many different ones that I have liked, but I can never use them for more than a few months at a time without getting product buildup. I have to keep continuously changing what shampoo I use. I finally found one that does not create buildup of any kind!

L’Oreal Hair Expertise Extraordinary Clay shampoo is amazing! This stuff is made with clay, which is thought to soak up any excess oil on your scalp. Therefore preventing that ‘greasy hair’ look. Let me tell you it definitely does! I’m very lazy with my hair and usually wash it only every other day, or even sometimes I go three days between washes. This stuff is so good that I can always go three days between washes (a huge benefit if you’re like me and have very long thick hair that takes forever to style).

The only thing I will say that is negative about this shampoo is that it can be drying on the roots. Obviously the same ingredients that keep your scalp from producing oil will keep the rest of your hair dry too. That’s why I wasn’t keen to try the Extraordinary Clay conditioner. This is easily solved by using a repairing/moisturizing conditioner. I’ve been using the Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing conditioner. It had coconut oil and cocoa butter to keep your hair really soft.

These two together are by far the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever tried. When I use them together I get super silky soft hair that just doesn’t get greasy. I love them!

Let me know if you guys have tried either of these, or if you have a favourite shampoo/conditioner I should give a try!

Thanks for reading!


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