Colourpop Haul & Review

This is my second Colourpop cosmetics haul. Prior to this haul I had tried one of their Ultra Matte Lips (More Better), one eyeshadow (Weenie), and two eyeliners (Prancer, and  Overboard). I was not a fan of the eyeliners as they keep breaking and are unusable. The lipstick was a really nice formula, but unfortunately the colour was all wrong for me. I however loved the eyeshadow I got, so the main reason I wanted to do this haul was to get more shadows!

The products came with a note, which I’ve seen that Colourpop usually does this with their shipments. However, the ones I’ve seen had a message from ‘Colourpop’, so seeing this message from Mia was a bit unexpected. I do think it was cute though!

I got a three pack of liquid lipsticks that was called the ‘Out and About’ set. There were two Ultra Matte Lips; Times Square and Viper. One Ultra Satin Lip was also in the set; Baracuda.

I absolutely love these! The Matte shades have such good colour pay off and last a decent amount of time without reapplication. The only thing I will say bad about these is that they can become crumbly, or just wipe off if you eat anything slightly greasy while wearing them. But for the price I think that is to be expected.

I was not quite as pleased with the Satin shade, Baracuda. I love love love the colour of this lipstick and I love to wear it. I find it really hard to keep it looking nice though. This lipstick is so smudgey. Anytime I go near my mouth it transfers or smudges. So although I love this one, I would not recommend it if you want something that will look nice all day without check-ups

**Please excuse my fingers in the photo, I suck**

I also got the Kathleen Lights ‘Where the Light Is’ eyeshadow quad. Just like the other eyeshadow I have from colourpop, I freaking love these! This quad comes with the shades ‘Blaze’, ‘Glow’, ‘Cornelius’, and ‘Kathleen Lights’. I love these shades as an all over the lid colour. They are not great for blending into the crease, but they work so well on areas where you want to pack on the pigment. I’ve been using the shade ‘Blaze’ nonstop.

I also just want to mention that I was extremely impressed with Colourpop’s shipping! I ordered these on Black Friday and due to the high volume of orders was quoted 24 days for shipping. I got these in a week and a half maybe? They came way earlier than I expected!

Thanks for reading!


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