My Polaroid ZIP!

For my birthday this year my boyfriend gave me a Polaroid ZIP! I hadn’t really heard too much about portable printers before getting one, and I love it! For anyone like me, who didn’t know what a portable printer is, I will explain. This printer works through Bluetooth and connects to an app on your phone where you can edit and print any picture from your phone. It works anywhere!

Along with the printer my boyfriend also got me 60 sheets of paper to print on! The best part of this printer is that you don’t have to buy ink. It works with this special ‘Zink’ or ‘Zero Ink’ paper. So basically, this is like having a Polaroid camera but you can print any picture you’ve taken on your phone, which in my opinion makes it so much cooler!

So far I’ve only printed a few photos because I’m trying to save some of my prints and use them for really sentimental pictures. But as you can see in the pictures below the quality is really nice!  You can even add the classic Polaroid border.

I would definitely recommend the Polaroid ZIP to someone considering getting a Polaroid camera. They are so unique, and make an awesome gift to get! I love mine!

Thanks for reading!


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