My Goals for 2017 – Personal

This past year I’ve been working on becoming a better human. I believe that we should always be working to better ourselves, even in small ways. Personally, the year 2016 meant that I said ‘yes’ to adventures, and things that weren’t necessarily in my comfort zone, and learned how to say ‘no’ to expectations and things that brought negativity into my life.

I’m starting 2017 out with a list of goals, and ways I hope to further improve myself.

The first thing on the list is to drink less pop. I almost wrote ‘drink no pop’ but I’m trying to be realistic with these goals. It’s day 3 and I’ve already had one pop, but anyone who knows me knows that one pop in three days is a pretty substantial improvement! Hopefully I can continue to cut down, or even cut pop out of my diet altogether!

My motivation for the decrease is mainly for my health. It is common knowledge that the sugar in soda is very bad for your health. The real wake up call came for me when my gum-line began to recede and I began to experience severe sensitivity of my teeth. I also tend to get stomach aches a lot after eating, and I know the acidity of pop can cause stomach problems. I’m really realizing how drinking pop is affecting me negatively, and I think cutting it out is a very good goal to have!

Next up on my list is to be more independent. There are many things that brought me to this goal: my reliance on people I’m close to, my hesitance to do things on my own, and my realization that I could never do things that some of my friends do. I have a friend that works on a cruise ship five months of the year jetting off to a number of different locations around the world. I was telling my grandma about it the other day and I said “There’s no way I could ever do that.” This really made me think about why I couldn’t take that risk.

My aim is to start small with things like: taking my dog for a walk by myself, going to run errands/shop by myself more, and going to have lunch/coffee by myself. All of these things seem small but I don’t do them now. I would like 2017 to be the year of experiencing more on my own!

I created a youtube channel near the end of 2016. Although there is only one video on it right now (about a subject that I don’t want to create content for) I really enjoyed the experience of creating, filming, editing, and uploading that video. It gave me a sense of productivity. I hope this year I will be able to save up and invest in some of the equipment necessary for making videos, and actually make more videos.

I think the first step in this process would be to keep a camera in my purse, so that whenever I am out and something interesting happens I can film it! I also think I need to download the software for video editing. My brother helped me with the first video and although it was very fun to do it together I would like to be able to make videos on my own as well.

Along with creating more content for youtube, I also want to blog more! I love this blog, and I love putting things out into the universe that may be helpful or entertaining to others. When I started this blog I had to goal to post every weekday. Although that was very unrealistic as a student with a part time job, I think I need to set a new goal.

In the coming year I hope to post at the very least once a week! I have so many ideas of posts I want to make: colourpop haul, what’s in my new purse, how to save money, new books I want to review, etc.

Last but not least is an idea I stole from my boyfriend. I am sending myself a snapchat everyday and then going to watch them all on new year’s eve next year. That way you get to watch them all back at the end of the year and remember all of the excitement you had! I have been keeping up with this so far sending 1-2 everyday! I can’t wait to watch them all at the end of the year!

Let me know in the comments about any goals you have for 2017!

Thanks for reading!


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