What I Got For Christmas/My Birthday 2016!

I got absolutely spoiled this Christmas. I am so lucky to have such lovely family and friends! I want to start this post by saying I am not trying to brag about anything I was lucky enough to get for Christmas. I just love knowing about what other people are trying and how they feel about it so I thought I would post my thoughts!

I am also including things that I purchased on boxing day with money/gift cards I was given. I found some really fun things on boxing day so I wanted to add them into this post too!

So to start, for my birthday I was given the Stila Eyes are the Window palette in ‘Mind’. I also own this palette in the combo ‘Soul’. I love both of these! The colours in these palettes are so usable and they have such good pigmentation! This palette is all matte as well, and has so many good transition crease colours. I love it!

I was also gifted the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh perfume. I had a rollerball of this scent, and I am obsessed with it. I also have the Daisy original scent and I just love them both do much. This scent is much fresher and sweeter than the original Daisy scent. I use it everyday now and I love it!


Now for Christmas gifts! First up is the Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder in the shade ‘Devotion’. I was in Sephora with my mom and one of the girls working recommended this to me as a highlighter. She tried it on my face and I instantly fell in love. This highlighter has the slightest pink tinge and is very subtle, perfect for my pale skin! Before owning this I have only tried Nars ‘Albatross’ as a highlighter, so I may not be the best judge, but personally I love this highlighter!

The same girl who recommended the Laura Mercier highlighter to me also recommended this Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in the shade ‘Exposed’. This blush is so beautiful, it’s a true nude and it’s not too dark. I love this for just a subtle flush of colour to add some life to my face! I’ve never tried a Tarte blush before, and they last so long on the skin I was happily surprised!

My parents also gave me a new Sephora Bright Future Color Corrector in the shade ‘Pink’. I love this stuff to cover up under eye circles. It blends out so nicely and has so much more coverage than concealer alone. I’m so glad I got this because my other tube was really running out.

I also got the Tarte Glossy Lip Paint in the shade ‘Goals’. I have only tried the Tarte matte lip paints before, but I have to say I like the glossy lips so much more! These don’t last quite as long as the matte lip paints but they are just as pigmented, and I find them easier to wear with less touch ups! I can apply this shade without a mirror and know it’ll still look good! 

Lastly, my big gift from my parents for Christmas was the Too Faced BonBons palette! I freaking love these eyeshadows so much! The pink packaging and heart shapes of this palette are so me, and the colours in this palette are so beautiful! I’ve wanted a large size Too Faced palette for awhile (I have a smaller size one, the Natural Matte palette). I’m so excited about this one and I can’t stop using it!

My boyfriend’s sister got me this set from Ole Henriksen! It’s a four piece set with a cleanser, serum, night treatment, and moisturizer. I got the same thing last year and I love it! They all smell so good and work so well. As soon as I ran out of the cleanser I noticed a negative difference in my skin. This stuff makes such a difference, so I’m really excited to start using it again!

My boyfriend’s mom got me this awesome brush set! I’ve never tried these flat toothbrush style brushes before (I don’t know what to call them tbh). As I’ve only done my makeup a few times since I got these I have only got to try a few of them. But I love the ones I’ve tried! They work so well for buffing in concealer without harsh brush lines or soaking up all your product like a sponge does. I’ve also used the medium size oval brush for bronzer and it worked really well! I need to watch a tutorial on how to use these properly but I’m super excited to start using them all!

Now moving on to the boxing day haul! I only got a few things, but they are all things I’m very excited about.

I have used the Urban Decay Primer Potion for a year now, and my old one was really getting down to nothing, but I kept using it because I didn’t want to splurge for another one. Well on boxing day I finally cracked, and I’m so glad I did. I noticed an immediate difference in my eyeshadow when I started using the new one!

Next up was a very impulsive buy! But a Tarte blush and lipstick for $15! Usually a blush and a lipstick from Tarte is $55 so I couldn’t say no. I love these formulas so much! The colours are a bit more summery for me, so I don’t think I’ll be using them a crazy amount through the winter. But, I’ll be using them a lot with my last purchase…

Last, but certainly not least! On boxing day I finally managed to get my hands on Too Faced’s Sweet Peach palette. I cannot possibly describe my love for this palette. I have wanted this for so long, and it has been sold out for so long, but I finally found it! When I walked into Sephora it was right there staring at me and I couldn’t say no! I love this palette!!!!

I am so incredibly fortunate that my family and friends help me to indulge in my makeup hobby! I feel like I have so many new products to play with and experiment with, and I am so beyond excited to start!

I hope you all had a fantastic holidays and everyone has a good New Years!

Thanks for reading!




3 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas/My Birthday 2016!

  1. Such a useful post, really enjoyed it! I’m thinking about getting a good eyeshadow primer because I have one from Essence and I think that it doesn’t do much for my eye makeup. I’ve come across a lot of good reviews about the Urban Decay primer, but I’m afraid that I run out of it pretty quickly. Would you say that a little goes a long way for this product (like I secretly hope =P) or not really?


    1. Personally, I have only ever tried the urban decay primer so I don’t have much to compare it to.. But I got it for Christmas last year and didn’t have to repurchase until Christmas this year! I use it almost everyday, and yeah I would say you only have to use a little bit and it works wonders! I was a little annoyed, because last year it was $24 and this year it went up to $26, but overall I would definitely recommend it! It keeps eyeshadow on forever with no creases.


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