My Christmas List 2016

Every year Christmas time rolls around and my friends and family ask me what I want, and I never know what to tell them. If you’re anything like me you have a million things that you think would be cool to have, but when asked your mind just goes blank and you can’t think of anything. So this year I decided to be proactive and I started making a list of things as I thought about them through the year. If I was at Sephora and saw a new palette I wanted but I knew I shouldn’t spend the money I put it on the list. This has helped me to make a list and also to stop spending money, with the hope that I would get it later or I would think about it and realize I didn’t want it after all.

Also if you’re anything like me you love to hear what other people are lusting after, because it helps you to think of things you would like as well.

So here is my Christmas wishlist:

The Naked palette by Urban Decay. I have the Naked 2 and 3 but I never got this one. The colour sin is absolutely amazing and I am obviously a fan of UD’s eyeshadow formulations, so this would be a perfect gift for me.


Next on the list is Crest White Strips. My parents got these for me last year and they worked wonderfully. Unfortunately I am a Dr. Pepper addict and it wreaks havoc on my teeth. So I would really like to do another set of these and get back to how white my teeth were January of last year.


Next up is a phone charger. If any of you have iPhones you know that the chargers are absolute crap and break after a year at most. I always think about buying a new one as soon as mine starts to turtle neck, but it’s such a hard thing to spend money on when you know that it’s not actually broken… yet. So I figure why not ask for one for Christmas because they are usually not too expensive and very easy to find. The perfect gift from someone who doesn’t want to try very hard.

I’ve recently been using my Daisy Eau so Fresh rollerball everyday and I can’t get enough of the scent. So a standard size of this fragrance would make my day, everyday.


This year I got a new laptop. I love everything about it, as you can read about here. The only downside is that this computer has very little memory. When I bought it I knew I would need to buy an external hard drive eventually but I have been putting it off since May. So if someone were to surprise me with one of these I would be a very happy gal.

I recently tried a trio of Stila Stay All Day liquid lipsticks, and I am insanely impressed. I was looking at Sephora and fell in love with the colour Rosa (described as a bubblegum pink), I am seriously lusting after this one.


Of course, my family and friends know me well and always spoil me with things I don’t deserve, but I thought this list might help them out if they need an idea!

Thanks for reading!


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