My Recent TV Addictions

I love a good TV show as much as the next person. I think I am also similar to others in the fact that when I finish a series and am looking for something new to watch I can never find a new series to obsess over. So I figured why not make a post about some shows I’ve been loving so maybe people in the same boat can find something new!

First up is a show that I am rewatching, Pretty Little Liars. Now, this is going to have a smaller target audience than the other shows as I think it would mainly appeal to teen girls. This show is about four friends and their struggle to accept the disappearance of their best friend. Anyone who hasn’t seen it, or even hasn’t seen it for awhile should definitely give this one a go. It’s just as good the second time around, and with it ending soon I want to catch up.


Another one on this list that I think most people have seen by now is Stranger Things. This show quickly became a favourite for most people. I believe that anyone who hasn’t seen it by now is thinking ‘While if I haven’t watched it yet what is the point?’ Let me tell you it is not just another hyped up TV show. This story is captivating and fresh and will have you obsessing just like everyone else.


Shonda Rhimes has long been a favourite creator of mine as I am an avid fan of Grey’s Anatomy. Recently I started watching Scandal. This show is AMAZING. After getting caught up with Grey’s I was looking for something else like it and I decided to watch Scandal. This has all the good aspects of GA but with a completely new and exciting story. I definitely recommend it to fans of Shondaland.


I think the most underrated show ever is The Office. I know so many people that have never given this show a chance and it frustrates me greatly. The characters are so lovable, the plot lines are completely unpredictable, and the jokes will have you belly laughing for sure. It does drop off after Steve Carrel leaves the show in my opinion, but the majority of seasons are spectacular.


Finally I have a show that I guarantee most people have only seen clips of on youtube. Graham Norton is a late night host, but alike to James Corden’s setup he interviews multiple guests at once. This dynamic is so exciting and there are always funny moments between the stars that you don’t get with just a one-on-one interview. There is a segment at the end called the ‘big red chair’ that is always very fun as well. I think this is on my list because it is not very well known, so if you end up liking it there are 20 seasons of material to love.


Thanks for reading!


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