Ride or Die Tag 

   Hey guys! So today I’m sharing my ‘Ride or Die’ makeup items. These are all of my absolute favourites that I am constantly using! These aren’t in any particular order, but I have at least one for every category of makeup. Here we go!

To start, I think mine and everyone else’s favourite makeup brushes are Real Techniques brushes. They are amazing and feel so nice on your face! I don’t have too many but the ones I have I love.
  I have two favourite eyeliners. Essence superfine liquid liner pen is an amazing quality for the price. This eyeliner lasts forever, and stays put. It is also under $5 so how could you go wrong?

The other one is a gel liner, it is Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in the shade ZERO.This is the only eye pencil I can use that doesn’t drag on my eyelid and hurt to apply. This really does glide-on and looks great!  I don’t own many highlighters compared to other products and I think that’s because I have one that I truly love. Nars Albatross is my absolute favourite! It looks so nice a glowy on the skin without being too intense. It is the perfect subtle highlight.

Essence Silky Touch blushes are amazing. They are so pigmented and they come in some really beautiful colours. I also love that they are matte as I find it hard to find good matte blushes. My favourite shade is ‘adorable’ and it is true to its name!   My favourite eyeshadow palette ever is Stila Eyes are the Window palette in the colour ‘Soul’. As you can see from the picture this product has been used to death. I use this almost every day. I recently got an all matte palette which I tend to use more now, but I had to call this one my ride or die because it has amazing matte shades as well as shimmer shades. It works for every look!
    As for bronzer, my favourite is Benefit’s Hoola. It is the perfect shade to use as a contour even on my pale skin, and if I apply it very lightly it makes a great all over bronzer as well. I love this!

This truly is my ride or die setting powder. I have been using this since 2008! (not this exact one, but this product). It is truly translucent so it doesn’t show up at all, they have a darker translucent colour as well for deeper skin tones. It provides a blurring effect that makes your skin look softer. It also keeps your face very mattified which I love. I would recommend this to anyone! 

As for eyeshadow primer I would have to go with Urban Decay Primer Potion. This is just perfect. It works with all shadows I’ve tried, and does everything it’s supposed to.

Anyone who follows me on Instagram where I post my motd’s will know that this is my ride or die mascara. I tried Maybelline’s Lash Sensational about a year ago when it first came out and I’ve never looked back. I seriously use this almost everyday.
Maybelline also does amazing lip balms with the Baby Lips collection. I usually use the clear Dr Rescue version but every single one of these I’ve tried is amazing for moisturizing the lips!

As for brows, there are two products I love! First is Essence cosmetics Make Me Brow. This is just a great tinted brow gel  for thickening brows and keeping them exactly where you want them. The Urban Decay Brow Beater is another favoutire which is basically the exact same as the Brow Wiz but I actually prefer it much more.
 The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream is the only foundation type of product that I use. I find the coverage to be very good but it still feels light on the skin. This product also has the added benefit of clearing acne. I use this when I’m having bad skin days as it covers the problem areas but also helps to heal them and clear my skin. I love it!

For lips I narrowed it down to two products which I use all the time. Both are liquid lipsticks. Nyx Stockholm is the perfect nude in the  most comfortable formula! Kat Von D Lolita is such a beautiful shade and it lasts forever on the lips!
   The Sephora Bright Future Color Corrector in the shade Pink has legitimately changed my life. I’ve only had this product for about a month but I am obsessed. I have tried colour correctors in the past as I have dark circles under my eyes, but this is the only product that actually helps without becoming cakey or creasing. It feels like a very lightweight concealer but has the highest coverage. I love love love this!

  Last but not least my favourite concealer is the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous concealer in the colour ‘Fair’. I have tried high end and low end concealers and this is the only one that is an exact colour match to my skin tone but still works! I used to feel that it wasn’t exactly right because although it covered blemishes it could never hide my under eye circles, but now that I am colour correcting I absolutely love this concealer for everything!

If anyone actually made it to the end of this super long post I am impressed. I had so much fun going through my products and choosing my favourites! I would recommend any of these for anyone looking for some good makeup.

Thanks for reading!


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