Harry Potter and The Cursed Child – Review

**Spoilers Ahead**

Words cannot possible describe how excited I was for this book to come out! Although it is a play, it still has the same feel of the Harry Potter books and reading it felt like reading all the others. I am so happy I made the decision to buy it right away. I finished this script in a matter of hours as I could not put it down!

   I have read the first seven books and seen all of the movies more times than I can count. I am a hardcore Harry Potter fan. So you could say I had high expectations for this book. And yes I know that it is a ‘script’, but to me it felt like a book. It still had the same dialogue and some of the description just not quite as much as a book would.

To begin I want to say I love that this book included Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermoine, and Draco as much as it did their children. It felt like coming home to the same favourite characters with new aspects of their life added in which I think was the goal.

I’ve heard some critiques saying that the original characters were not portrayed as they were previously. I don’t entirely agree with this but there was one major difference that stuck out to me. Harry’s treatment of his son Albus was very strange to me. Although it was crucial to the plot of the play I did not like their relationship. As an orphan who did not get to know his father I think Harry treating his son the way he did is absurd. He knew what it was like to grow up without a father and for that reason I think he would never let his relationship with Albus get to the point that it did. However the other original characters were all portrayed in the same amazing way.

Overall, the story was extremely captivating. I would read it again and will continue to recommend it to anyone who was a fan of the original books or movies!

I’ve left a picture of the summary below for anyone interested in reading it.  Thanks for Reading!


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