Disappointing Books – Review

I’ve been reading a lot lately and because of this I went to a few second hand book shops to see if I could find anything good to read! Based on the summaries of these books I felt like I would really like them. But I was sadly disappointed in these two.

** There will be spoilers **

The first one is ‘Before I Fall’ by Lauren Oliver. This book wasn’t necessarily bad but I just couldn’t get into it. It seemed almost like it was moving too quickly. The story starts with a girl who gets into a car crash and dies, then flashes back to the start of her last day. I honestly couldn’t read more than one hundred pages of this book before giving up. The plot was just too scattered and there was too many characters with not enough description. I wanted to like it, it just wasn’t for me.


The next book is ‘The Paying Guests’ by Sarah Waters. I loved the start of this book. It was very descriptive and made you feel the feelings of the main character Frances. However, I just found that it dragged on and nothing really happened. I stopped right as the two main characters were finally getting together. I stopped because even that part wasn’t exciting and I could tell that was meant to be the most exciting part of the book. Just wasn’t for me!


Thanks for reading!


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