Socks! – My Strange Addiction

I’m the type of person who has an entire drawer for socks. And I’m talking the full length of my dresser sized drawer. If I had to guess I would say I probably own 100-150 pairs of socks. Yes, I understand how utterly ridiculous that is.. I get my crazy. But I am addicted to fun socks. Patterns or sayings or anything that I would want on a t-shirt but think is too childish, put that shit on a pair of socks and I’m in! I once wore socks with dachsunds (my favourite dog breed) on them and met a dachsund dog the same day. I’m not kidding, socks are magical.

Recently, I found a few pairs of socks from Forever 21 that were just too cute to pass up and I thought I would share them with you!

The first ones are these black and grey socks with little smiling sushi rolls on them. I just couldn’t walk away from these smiling faces!


Next up are these light and dark turquoise pair with different style donuts all over them. I love the colour of these socks and who doesn’t love donuts?

Lastly, the piece de resistance, my Taste Buds socks. These are without a doubt my favourite kind of socks. The ones that kind of match, but not exactly. In the store I really thought these said “tasty buds” because the tag was covering the E, but I bought them anyway and to be honest taste buds makes much more sense.  I love these socks.

If any of you are sock loving weirdos like me, or know anywhere else that sells really fun socks let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Socks! – My Strange Addiction

  1. Another sock lover here! Socks are awesome, especially fluffy ones. And they make awesome gifts. And you can keep stuff in them, like I protect my camera lens in a fluffy sock when I travel, and I often carry my phone in a small sock instead of some no-personality phone case 🙂
    Yay socks! 😀


  2. Here’s another sock weirdo! I too have an entire drawer full of socks. Cats, Care Bears, owls, pandas, food stuff with funny faces – you name it! I think if what you wear is important to you, then you’re serious about wearing cool socks. I couldn’t buy plain socks – not even for my husband. Thanks to me his sock drawer looks like that of an eight-year-old. 🙂

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