My Essie Polish Collection – Review

I have very mixed feelings about Essie nail polishes. On one hands the colour range is amazing, and the colours that work really work! But I find that a lot of the lighter shades are very transparent and tend to chip very easily. I have 6 polishes and I love 4 of them, 2 of them I don’t use very often because I find it time consuming. 

The light pink shade I own is ‘Romper Room’. I love the colour of this in the bottle but when I try to apply it I have to use 3-4 coats to make it opaque. The excess coats makes it very easy to chip so I tend to not use this colour.

The same goes for the coral shade I own called ‘Camera’. This colour is so sheer I have to use white polish underneath or it is just looks bad. I don’t use this one very often either.

The other four shades I own I love! They all go opaque with just 2 coats and last forever on my nails. My favourite shade is the cornflower blue one called ‘Avenue Mountain’.

Overall, I love Essie polishes, I just think you have to find the shades that work for you. I tend to not go for their lighter shades and anything that looks sheer in the bottle I stear clear of completely.

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