Summer Reading List 

I was looking through my local thrift store and found some really good deals on some books I’ve been meaning to read! All of these were $14 total.  My hope is to finish them by the end of the summer. 

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter: this story focuses on twins that were separated at birth in 1964 living completely separate lives. The son lives with his parents, while his twin sister living with Down’s syndrome is brought up by the nurse who adopted her right after birth.

The Paying Guests: this story focuses on a mother and daughter who need to rent out their home to a couple following a financial hardship.   Room: this story is about a mother who raises her son while being held captive, and their journey through life.  

Sarah’s Key: this story introduces a reporter who is investigating the journal of a young girl living in wartime Pars. The reporter finds out she may be more connected to the young girl than she originally thought.

I’m very excited to read these guys! I’ve already startedThe Memory Keepers Daughter and it’s very good so far. Has anyone read these?

Thanks for reading!


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