Disappointing Products – Review


First up is NYC’s Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder. I wanted to love this because the price is amazing. However, this product is very cakes on the skin and very chalky in the pan. It gets everywhere but does not stay on your face. I hated this one!
Next up is Rimmel’s Wonderlash Mascara. This mascara claims to be infused with argan oil which is why I bought it. I like the idea behind a mascara that conditions your eyelashes while doing its job. However, this did nothing for my lashes. It did not add volume or length  and I would not recommend it.

Rimmel failed me again with the Scandaleyes Showoff mascara. I love Rimmel as a brand, but I don’t try their Mascaras anymore since these two have been such flops. This mascara was extremely dry and the brush caused my lashes to be extremely clumpy.   
I received a sample of Smashbox’s Photo Finish More Than Primer from Sephora as a point perk. This primer did not suit my skin. It balled up and made all of my makeup sticky and patchy. Since then I’ve heard that using too much can cause the balling dilemma to occur. However even with barely any the patching still occurred.

Lastly is Rusk’s Elixer Mist shine spray. This was in an ipsy bag one month. This stuff just made my hair greasy no matter how little I used. Also it may be due to the sample size but the spray on this was very faulty.   

As much as I love to talk about products I love, I also think it’s important to mention the ones that fall flat. These are some products that I wouldn’t recommend and I don’t plan to repurchase.

Thanks for reading!


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