Rimmel Color Rush Lip Balm – Review 

 Today I’m going to review the Rimmel Color Rush Lip Balms. I’ve owned the shade “Give Me A Cuddle” for about a year now. I love this shade it is a very bright pink and stays on the lips like crazy. Even after the creamy balmy texture has disappeared the colour is still there. It works almost like a stain in that way.
Recently, I decided to try two new shades: “The Redder The Better” and “Not An Illusion”.  

Overall the pigmentation of these balms is ideal. They are sheer but can be built up to a pretty opaque colour. The only thing that I will mention is that the “staining” quality I found with “Give Me A Cuddle” still is present with the other two shades but they all stain to the same bright pink colour. I worse “Not An Illusion” hoping for a nude shade but by the time the balm faded it was a bright pink stain. I can learn to live with that because the formula is very nice and I would rather the fade to pink rather than fading to nothing.

These balms also have the best vanilla-y scent that makes putting them on quite the treat. I haven’t tested the “Redder The Better” shade too thoroughly yet, but it seems to stain the same colour as well. I love these either way and would definitely recommend them. Just avoid these if you don’t think you would like the pink stain.

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