Drugstore Haul! & First Impressions

In the past few weeks I have hauled a few products from the drug store being as I had some coupons I wanted to use up. I thought I would share my purchases with you guys.

Firstly I picked up the Batiste Dry Shampoo in the scent Blush. I’ve used this product before and absolutely love it. It’s a bit pricey for the drugstore but one hundred percent worth the money. I’m usually the type to just use baby powder in my hair, but every once and awhile I treat myself to this and it’s like an awakening, “why don’t I use this all the time???”Β 

I picked up a few lipliners as well. I got the Essence lip liner in Femme Fatale which is a classic red that I think will be perfect paired with any of my red lipsticks. This is a pencil so it will need to be sharpened which is the only downside. The other two I got are the twist up style. I got the Loreal Infallible lip liner in Red Wine. This is a deeper red, a true wine colour, I got this to go under a burgundy lipstick I’ve been wanting to wear but it definitely needs a liner. And lastly, I got the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in East End Snob which I have heard so many good reviews about and so far I absolutely love it! I wore it today as an all over lip shade!

I picked up the Essence Make Me Brow which I reviewed in my last post. I love this so far! Β 

I grabbed the Essence Lash Princess mascara in the green tube. I think I meant to get the pink version of this because I was expecting a curved wand and this one is very straight, but I do like this one. I popped this in my travel makeup bag!

I got some eyeliners as well! I got the Essence eyeliner in Tou-Tou-Touquoise which is a very bright blue turquoise shade as the name suggests. I was so impressed with the quality of this one that I went back and got the Hot Chocolate shade as well. I wore that one today and it was of the same great quality. These liners last all day with no smudging! Then I also saw the Rimmel Scandaleyes liner in the shade Nude, and as I’ve been wanting a nude liner I decided to grab it. So far I’m not entirely impressed with the quality of this one, but I haven’t worn it for a full day yet. It just seems to fade on my waterline quite quickly.Β  I will definitely be giving it another try though. Anyone have this and have any tips to get it to last?

Lastly, I grabbed another tube of Maybelline’s Lash Sensational mascara. This is my holy grail mascara and as mine is starting to get a little dry I wanted another one. This is in the shade Brownish Black when I usually go for Blackest Black, but I’m sure I will love the change!

If you’ve made it this far in (quite a long post today haha!), thanks for reading!


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