Battle of the Brow Products – Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills “Brow Wiz” versus Urban Decay “Brow Beater”

I feel I may have an unpopular opinion here, but I much prefer the Brow Beater to the cult favourite Brow Wiz.


The first difference that I noticed was the brush. Although they appear to be very similar the Brow Beater brush is just a bit stiffer and does a much better job of brushing through my brows. I have slightly thick brows so that could be why.

Another difference is the actual pencil. The Brow Wiz is just a bit waxier and I find it harder to apply. It takes longer to put on and for myself it doesn’t last as long on my face.  

The last difference being the colour. The Brow Beater is a more natural colour for my brows. I have both products in the shade “Taupe”.

Overall, I much prefer the Brow Beater. The only downside is that the Brow Wiz you pay $27 for .003 oz, for the Brow Beater you pay $24 for .001 oz. So I bought this thinking that it was $3 cheaper than the Brow Wiz, however you only get a third of the product so in the long run it’s more expensive.

I haven’t decided which one I will be repurchasing when I run out, but even with the price I think I may go for the Brow Beater.

Thanks for reading!


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