Essence Makeup – The Good and The Bad

 About a year ago I discovered the essence makeup range. It is a super inexpensive makeup line available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, but I think it’s available at other places as well. Most of the products in this line are amazing for the amount of money they charge! There are some things I would definitely recommend, but along with that a few things I found to be flops.

The essence eyeliners are amazing. They are very pigmented and the staying power is amazing. Highly recommend them. They also have a lot of different colour choices available for whatever mood you’re in. I have the superfine liner pen in black and the longlasting liner pencil in tou-tou-touqouise.

I have only tried one essence mascara and it is the ‘volume boost waterproof’ mascara. I don’t love this, as it was a gift and it’s not the type of mascara I usually go for. I much prefer a plastic brush to a wire one. However, there is nothing wrong with this if that’s you’re style. It was definitely non-clumping and non-flaking.

  Essence’s face powder products are amazing. I have tried their blushes and bronzers and have been amazed by all of them. They last forever on the skin, and they’re all matte which is very nice for drugstore products. I find that hard to find. My sun club bronzer is in the shade 01 Natural. I have 3 blushes in the shades 20 babydoll, 10 adorable, and 80 autumn peach. 

I have 5 lip products from 4 different ranges in the line. Some are hits and some are definite misses for me. I love the standard lipsticks. I have more about them in my Top 3 Favourite Lipsticks post. I don’t love the lip gloss that I have or the liquid lipstick. To me these products are really sticky and the shades that they appear to be in the bottle are not the true shades. So essence lipsticks are a definite yes, and the glosses and liquid lippies to me are misses for sure.

There are two other products from essence that I’m not a huge fan of. I have a lip liner in the shade 12 wish me a rose. I don’t love this lip liner because if my lips are even the slightest bit dry this liner becomes very patchy and tends to make my lips flaky. Not what I’m looking for in a liner.

As well, they recently launched their “say no to” range. I picked up their “say no to dark circles” pencil, which is basically a cream pencil colour corrector. This product was very creasey and not pigmented enough to work as a colour corrector. I wasn’t a fan of this one.

Overall, I think essence as a brand is amazing. They produce so many products at such an affordable price and although I don’t love everything, I have found so many products that have become essentials to me. I can’t wait to keep trying the rest of this line.

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