Spring Haul – Old Navy

As spring is coming up I really wanted to update my wardrobe a little bit. I found a sale at Old Navy but that’s not the only reason I wanted to buy some clothes from there. Old Navy online has options to order not only pants, but also shirts in Short, Tall or Regular sizes. As a fairly tall girl, with a stupidly long torso I find it really hard to find shirts that don’t look like they are cropped on me. The Tall style shirts at Old Navy completely solved this problem for me!

Firstly, I picked up this standard denim shirt. I own a few denim jackets, but I just wanted something that I could throw over a tank top, or just wear with some black jeans and it would just be easy and comfy and light enough that I wouldn’t overheat. 

Next, I found this really cute dandelion wispy shirt. It’s in navy blue which I think really brings out my darker blue eyes. And I love how whimsical I feel in this shirt. The only thing that I will mention is that this shirt is very sheer so a tank top of some sort is necessary underneath.

I got this little tank top as well. I love the print of this shirt. It’s a black and white geometric print and I just find it a really flattering style. This is one of the only higher neck style tank tops that I’ve found that is higher coverage on the front so that I don’t feel like my bra is poking out the sides which I really like.

Lastly, I got myself a little black dress. I love this dress! It is a swing style dress, tight on the top and then flows out really loose on the bottom. I love the v neck of this dress because it’s not too deep but it still gives the dress a little character. And I’ve just been wanting a little black dress for a long time so I’m very happy with this purchase.  

Overall, I got a few new pieces that I will be able to wear for a long time and they did not break the bank!

Thanks for reading!


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