My First Designer Bag – Kate Spade Newbury Lane Sally

So this boxing day I bought myself my first ever designer bag. I had been wanting one for ages, and I used some Christmas money to finally take the plunge. I found this bag at an outlet store for 60% off and instantly fell in love.

I have always loved Kate Spade. The stationery, the bags, the shoes, the fashion, all of it. I just really adore everything that this designer makes. I have the Newbury Lane Sally purse in the shade Blue Hydrangea. It is the cutest bag I have ever owned and I just couldn’t walk away from it.

I think, obviously, my favourite part of this bag is the look of it. It’s a pale blue colour that I think is perfect for the spring but I didn’t mind wearing it through the winter as it reminded me of snow. The inside of the bag is a white and black stitch pattern that makes  it very easy to see what you have inside.

The outside of the bag is a rough leather as well, so it doesn’t scratch or damage as easily. I have been using this bag as my main purse for 4 months now and there is only a very tiny mark on it.

There are two downsides to this bag that can be bothersome. The first being the length of the strap. I bought this thinking that it would work as a cross body bag, but with a coat on the strap is not long enough. I will be able to wear it cross body in the summer though when a coat isn’t necessary. I think this bag was designed to be a spring/summer bag after all.

The second downside being the size of the bag. I sometimes feel that this bag is too small. However I knew that going in and I wanted to force myself to start carrying less junk around with me. This bag definitely ensures that I stick to that, as it fits a small wallet, a lipstick, a mini hand lotion, a perfume rollerball, and that’s about it.

Overall, I am so happy with this bag. Four months after buying it and I still get a little excited every time I get to throw it on my shoulder and head out.

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