My Holy Grail Setting Powder – Favourites

Marcelle’s Face Powder is the only powder you will ever need.

I have been using the same setting powder for 8 years. And up until a few months ago I meant that literally. Very gross, but I used the same powder for seven years because I love it so much and the company stopped making it for awhile. The day I found out that Marcelle was bringing this powder back was one of the most exciting days of my life. Also goes to show just how much product you are getting for your money.


I have mine in the shade Translucent but they also make Translucent Medium for deeper skin tones.


This powder feels amazing on the skin, keeps my face matte throughout the day, and keeps my makeup in place wherever I put it. I especially love this powder recently because I have been using a very creasey concealer and when I apply this powder heavily on top of the concealer it completely prevents creases.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about this product, and I haven’t heard many people talking about this powder. It is $15 CAD available at Shoppers Drug Mart and even Walmart. It is completely translucent and doesn’t leave any unwanted colour over your existing makeup. And my favourite part is that the actual pan is big enough to put a huge fluffy brush in so it cuts down on application time.

Thanks for reading!


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