Naked 2 Palette – Review

I feel like everyone and there mother has this palette, and I am very late to the game. However, it’s new to me and I’m really excited about it! I have owned the Naked 3 for about 3 months now, and although I love it, the shades in that palette seem more wintery to me, and I wanted a palette that would transition into the summer.

The shades from L to R are: foxy, half baked, bootycall, chopper, tease, snakebite, suspect, pistol, verve, ydk, busted, blackout.

I really wanted to get the shade “half baked” because it is beautiful. It is the most perfect gold colour. And when I went in I noticed that it is in both the Naked and the Naked 2 palette. I chose the Naked 2 palette because the packaging seemed more sturdy which is important to me when I’m buying a high end palette because I don’t want my shadows to break. As well, this palette contains lighter shades which is better for my fair skin tone.

I love these shadows. I knew I would, but I am just so excited. They are blendable, pigmented, last forever, and even look good without a primer. I had very high expectations and I was not let down.

Β This is a quick look I created using: half baked (all over the lid), chopper and snakebite (crease), bootycall (brow bone and inner corner), and ydk (lower lash line). On first impression I can tell that these shadows are the same quality as my Naked 3 palette. I love the colours for my skin tone and I think they work well with my blue eyes. Definitely recommend this palette if you’re like me and are late to the game!

Thanks for reading!


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