My Favourite Youtubers

I love to watch Youtube. I find myself cruising through Netflix and never finding something that I want to watch. But there is so much content available on Youtube that there is always something no matter what mood I’m in. So I thought I would make a list of my favourite Youtubers for anyone who has never watched a lot of Youtube before, or for anyone who is hoping to find a new channel to enjoy.

My all-time favourite is Zoella, or Zoe Sugg. She is a british based youtuber who is fairly well known. I love her because she is very real with her vlogs, and her main channel videos. It’s always a laugh to watch her. (


I also love to watch Kathleenlights, or Kathleen Fuentes. She is a make up enthusiast from Miami, FL. This girl has got the best sense of humour and watching her videos feels like having a chat with a friend. She is also amazing with makeup and has taught me so much. (


The Saccone Jolys are an Irish family living in London. Anna and Jonathon are parents to two beautiful kids Amelia and Eduardo. This family is absolutely adorable (they also have six dogs). I love watching their daily vlogs because they are so heart-warming and entertaining. (


I can’t go through this list without mentioning Grace Helbig. I have been watching Grace for years and loving everything she makes. She had a tv show and has written two books and is the star of a movie and another one coming out and the list goes on and on. If you haven’t watched Grace before (seems unlikely) please do. (


Next on the list is Amelia Liana. She is another british youtuber who creates beauty and lifestyle videos, and vlogs on occasion. I love Amelia, she is very funny and sweet and her videos are always fun to watch. She has also got a dog ‘Duke’ who might be the cutest dog on youtube. (


The last one for this list is NowThisisLiving, or Shannon and Cammie. These girls are stupid in love with each other and it is so nice to see. They are sweet and kind, but they still have tonnes of fun and make great videos. I love to watch Shamie. (

s and c

There are so many more wonderful youtubers out there but these are my favourite ones. If you haven’t seen their videos before you should go watch one now!

Thanks for reading!


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